The Ferrell Family

Johnnie Ferrell with his wife, Gloria, and children Timmy and Ashley

The Ferrell Family (2)

Timmy and daughter Haley, Gloria, Johnnie, Ashley, and Chris

Johnnie and Gloria Ferrell

Johnnie and Gloria

Johnnie, Gloria, and Ashley at Vietnam Memorial

Johnnie, Gloria, and Ashley at Viet Nam Memorial

Ashley Ferrell

Ashley Ferrell

Timmy Ferrell and daughter Hailey

Timmy Ferrell and daughter Haley at the speedway

Johnnie Ferrell and grand-daughter Hailey

Johnnie Ferrell and grand-daughter Haley

Go-Go's Gang logo: Fighting MS One Step at a Time

The Ferrell's sponsor a team to raise support for Multiple Sclerosis

walk 2010

The Go-Go's Gang at 2010 Walk for Multiple Sclerosis

Go-Go's Gang picture from recent Walk for MS

The Go'Go's Gang team at a 2011 walk to support Multiple Sclerosis

walk 2012

Go-Go's Gang at 2012 Walk for Multiple Sclerosis

Ferrell's Firewood

Bundle of Ferrell's Firewood

Firewood available in bundles or truck loads (1/2 cords)

Firewood conveyor

Firewood conveyor for cut wood

Hardwood logs stacked to be cut into firewood

Stacked hardwood logs waiting to be cut into firewood

Palates of bundled firewood, shrinkwrapped and ready to sell

Pallets of firewood bundles awaiting sale


Truck load ready for delivery

making the bundles

Making the bundles

wood bundles

Wood bundles

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